Wild Horse Roundups


2017 Roundup Schedule

Up Coming:


Earlier 2017:

Challis –
March 20th-29th

  • 19 Captured

  • 1 Death


How to Help?

Attend a Roundup

Roundups are open to the public. The more people attend, the more witnesses the horses have, and the more the horses are heard. The horses desperately need more members of the public/horse lovers attending these roundups!
See for yourself what is going on, and spread the word.

Spread the Word

Share the story of the wild horses on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Witness for yourself and write about your experiences at the roundups, holding pens, and out with the wild horses. Spread awareness on what is happening to our wild horses – so many people do not know.


Adopt horses in need of homes and give them a good life filled with the freedom and dignity they deserve.

Contact Government Officials

Write to them how you feel about the wild horse and burro situation.